Dreigau is the plural for dragon in Welsh. I’m not entirely sure Dreigau i Llanfairfach is the correct syntax. Assuming it works in the same way Irish does, another celtic language, that should be right. If anyone knows anything to the contrary, please contact me.

Anyway, this was my first Ten story. It is set AFTER the first series on TV and before the second, possibly after the events of Runaway Bride, when he was still missing Rose a lot. I have never specified exactly when, but at some time after that The Tenth Doctor crossed a void between universes and found himself in a universe where Nine had not regenerated after his battle with The Daleks on the Gamestation. Instead, he and Rose were still going strong – the universe of the Unfinished Business series. He had an encounter with them both in New Year Blues, posted on New Year’s Day 2006. He then met up with then again in “Ten” and explained that the way back was blocked. The assumption is that on passing through the void he split himself, one version remaining there in his own universe and having the adventures that led to him meeting Martha Jones, falling in love as John Smith, battling the Master, and so on, while this version remained in Nine’s universe, a second doctor with his own TARDIS, and his own adventures.

In TEN, the Tenth Doctor met Wyn Grant Jones, daughter of Jo Grant and Clifford Jones, who had been traveling with The Ninth Doctor and Rose. At the end of their joint adventure Nine suggests that Wyn should travel with Ten, keeping him company while he teaches her all that she wants to learn about the universe. And so the adventures begin.

They begin, in good style, by getting lost and ending up in 9th century Llanfairfach. And so, enter the dragons. Wyn tells The Doctor about a local legend of a dragon slayer and his companion and realizes its THEM. They fight the dragons – which turn out to be genetically modified dinosaurs sent to conquer the world by a megalomaniac. All in a day’s work for The Doctor and companion.


The Unfinished Business stories that started it all.