The first part of Child of The Light was written before Christmas, but it was too early for the baby to be born at that point, so I left it in the drabbles folder to come back to in the New Year. It gave me chance to think it through fully and write a story I am quite pleased with that wraps up the Glasgow vampires saga for a little while. I hope to come back to Lady Moira at a later date. She is a good character, and there will be issues surrounding Shona and Darius’s baby, but they can take a back-burner for a while.

I had in mind from the start that there would be some kind of Vampire cult that would want to do harm to the baby. The Inverse Cross was an idea that developed gradually, along with the idea of Gabriel, the infamous cult leader with his chequered history, somebody who Darius both admires and despises in equal measure.

Then the idea of Lady Moira came to me. I put her elegant home in Queens Drive, a Georgian street bordering Queens Park, one of the more upmarket parts of Glasgow. Most of the houses are hotels or business premises, but they are good quality hotels and upmarket businesses. It isn’t dole hotels and seedy deals. It is just the sort of neighbourhood a vampire aristocrat might choose. In fact, Lady Moira does admit to having more humble roots, but she is now rich and powerful. The Glasgow police don’t bother her hearse when it is out and about, and very clearly the vampire community answer to her.

The other big location in this story is the Gorbals Church. I had wanted to use that fantastic place in the Airn Jenny story. It is only a short way from the Southern Necropolis, and for a while it was going to be the robot’s hiding place. In the end I didn’t use it in that story, and so it made an excellent location for Gabriel’s hideout.

The big shock – Gabriel is Lady Moira’s son – was not planned. That resolved in my head as I wrote it, along with the idea that a ‘Child of Light’ – a product of a union between vampire and Human – may only be killed by his or her own parent. I’m writing some new rules for vampires, I know. But why not?

I am aware, by the way, of the Blade films. Blade is a Daywalker, a child born of a woman who was infected by vampirism while pregnant. Gabriel and the new Child of Light, Gabrielle, are in a similar vein, but it is going to be a few years before Gabrielle fights vampires with her dad. I thought briefly of some mechanism by which she would grow rapidly and be a teenager in a few days, but decided against that.