Procreation floated around on the long finger for a while. The idea of Shona getting pregnant by Darius seemed too good to miss. But I wanted their relationship to have time to evolve, first. Originally there was a plot in which Shona’s pregnancy developed quickly over only a few days and then the child was born and grew rapidly to a teenager. This was to be explained as something that happened when Humans and Vampires mated. I toyed with that story for a long time before abandoning it. I decided that Shona would have an ordinary pregnancy despite the father being a vampire.

Of course, Shona’s first reaction is to demand an abortion. It is obviously going to be her first thought. She is the sort of independent woman who would abhor the idea of pregnancy. And the thought of being pregnant to a vampire would scare her, too. Her initial reaction is completely in character. What is out of character is her changing her mind after the abortion has been arranged. The excuse that she is affected by vampire hormones is a little bit lame. But after all, I wanted her to go through with it because there are so many possibilities with a vampire baby.

Can a Vampire and a Human mate? I don’t know. The prevailing evidence from writers like Anne Rice or Joss Wheedon suggests that they can’t. But I’m writing my own mythology with Darius, so let’s just not worry about it and assume they can.

The alien baby at the maternity hospital slotted into the same story with a vaguely similar topic – procreation. It allowed for an exploration of Toshiko’s back history with her own ‘alien’ baby Etsuko who turned out completely Human, and it was a little nod to the whole concept of aliens settling on Earth among the Human race. But other than that it was really just the meat in the sandwich of Shona’s story. Neither plotline stood on their own so they were segued together.