The Rebirth of Torchwood Two is a storyline I had planned for quite some time. Certainly from when Toshiko and Owen were written out of Torchwood on TV by killing both off. In real life, of course, both actors wanted to move on to other things. At the time of writing Burn Gorman is playing Bill Sykes in the revived Oliver and Naoko Mori is, I think, still involved in Avenue Q. But in text stories their characters can live on, and they do. But I always had an idea that they would move on from Torchwood. I initially envisaged Owen getting a job in a normal hospital and Toshiko becoming a doctor’s wife. But then I had the idea of them moving to Glasgow and setting up the new Torchwood Two. The seed of that was sown in the story ‘Secrets of Torchwood Two’ last year. Six months later, a phoenix rises from the ashes.

I thought about what kind of office Torchwood Two should have as a front, and settled on a GOOD tourist office with neatly dressed women actually serving customers. But obviously it had to be a tourist office advertising WALES.

The Hub is a much neater place than the one in Cardiff, having a newly built feel to it. And within it are some old and new faces.

Old face is represented by Darius the Vampire. He was last seen heading to Glasgow to deal with some problems up there. So it kind of made sense that he would still be up there and be involved in Torchwood Two. Darius proved popular with most of the readers in his story early in 2009 and there were requests to bring him back.

Munroe Macdonald, is Torchwood Two’s Ianto – except in his 50s, widowed and straight. He is Mr reliable who everyone can depend on. He keeps a set of Beatrix Potter miniatures on his computer.

Lieutenant Shona Stewart is a cross between GI Jane and Lara Croft with a bit of an attitude problem which might get ironed out in future stories. She is attached to Torchwood Two but still officially a member of U.N.I.T. It is just possible she is related in some way to Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. She and Darius don’t get on too well.

The Torchwood Two SUV is an imported, right hand drive, American made Ford Escape.

Exactly where the Torchwood Two Hub is located is much vaguer than Torchwood Three. It is somewhere near Glasgow Central Railway Station, but that’s as good as it gets.

Probably location of Torchwood Two!

I had much the same problem as Toshiko when it came to mapping Glasgow for these stories. I know very little about the place. But I did manage to find the Point shopping centre, which gave me a location for the first story. It isn’t a very in depth plot. The point was to introduce the new characters. But it’s a start.

This isn’t going to be a separate series. I don’t have anywhere near enough characters for that. But one story in four perhaps, might be a Torchwood Two story.