Jack’s Ghost was partially inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld stories in which dead people are frequently seen as ghosts attached to their bodies by a glowing blue line until Death’s scythe frees them from it. That was the reason for the ‘rope to his heart’ in this story. Originally, though, I was thinking of a story in which Jack had been kidnapped and replaced by a lifelike android that was living his domestic and work life, interacting with Garrett and Gray at home, and with the crew at the Hub. It’s an idea I might work with, yet. But the idea of Jack being replaced by an alien entity and forced to be a witness to the usurpation struck me as even better than his friends gradually realising he wasn’t who he should be. Here, nobody DOES realise there is a problem. Frijda takes over his body completely, leaving him powerless to fight her with anything but a constant war of words.

The sex scene between the usurper Frijda and Garrett has resulted in a couple of complaints about too much detail. But, sorry, if you don’t like the idea of gay sex, why the heck are you reading Torchwood stories in the first place? Get used to it or go elsewhere. I think it was high time to examine the dynamics of Jack and Garrett’s relationship. In their work life, both are leaders, the man on top. If that is transferred to the bedroom, then two ‘doms’ have to make some sort of arrangement between them. This piece of the story explains that Jack doesn’t mind being ‘sub’ to Garrett when the mood takes him, and vice versa.

The internet, incidentally, is full of ‘slash’ fiction in which Jack gets into sexual activity with various partners. They fall into two camps, mostly. In one, Jack is a ‘sub’ to The Doctor. In the other, Jack is the ‘dom’ to Ianto, Gwen, Owen, PC Davison, Rhys, and just about anyone that slightly warped minds can come up with. Yes, I have looked at some of these stories – for RESEARCH. I wanted to see how the slash writers saw his sex life. And that’s how it pans out. And, in fact, the slash fiction is completely in line with the TV series. In Doctor Who, Jack is subordinate to The Doctor. He acknowledges him as the boss. In Torchwood, Jack is boss and everyone defers to him. Everyone who had imagined his sex life has gone on exactly the same lines.

The dragon in the Millennium Stadium was just my idea for a dramatic way for Frijda’s occupation of Jack’s body to come to an end. I wanted something more than just shot, stabbed etc. And it actually gave him chance to get the upper hand over her, by showing that she actually wasn’t as brave as he was and couldn’t REALLY be him. It was obvious, of course, that Jack’s body only had to die for Frijda to be evicted and Jack able to get back into his life again. Everyone reading this must have worked it out before the dragon scene. That was the intention, of course. The readers should be ahead of the story, waiting to see how it would come out.