Jack's Remembrance was an unscheduled story written on the night before Remembrance Sunday 2009. It struck me while watching the annual Festival of Remembrance at the Albert Hall that Jack Harkness is a war veteran and then some. We know that he has served in India at the turn of the 20th century, in World War One – he mentioned it in the episode To The Last Man – and World War Two, when he appears to have done his duty in the RAF, at least the second time around when he lived through it waiting for The Doctor. He has also mentioned fighting in a future war in his youth.

And Jack clearly cares about these things. He keeps souvenirs of the past – pictures of himself in uniform, a model of the plane he flew in the RAF, and of course, his greatcoat with the Captain’s stripes and his World War II Webley revolver which is his choice of weapon.

Jack would go to a Remembrance Parade if he had the chance. So would Garrett, who has served his country in his Military Intelligence role. So would Alun, an ex-soldier. And as Alun’s husband, Ianto has the right to be there as much as any army wife.

The memorial in Cathays Park in Cardiff is the Welsh National War Memorial. Wikipedia says that it was designed by Sir Ninian Comper and unveiled in June 1928 by the Prince of Wales. The memorial commemorates the servicemen who died during the First World War and has a plaque for those who died during the Second World War, added in 1949. My description of the service of remembrance with the Welsh Assembly Members and the City Council present is winging it slightly since I have never been there for the ceremony. The order of service for Remembrance Day is the same throughout the British Commonwealth, at least.