Phil was an idea that came to me out of the blue. A ‘ghost’ that liked to have his way with the Torchwood ladies. I set his first encounter in Scotland, with Toshiko, then with Gwen, while Rhys was asleep beside her. It later transpires that he has been to Beth’s home, too, before he finds a soul mate in Martha Jones.

The trick with these stories, of course, was keeping it post-watershed but not pornographic. This is much harder than it sounds. The obvious thing is to avoid mention of sexual parts of the body either anatomically or in slang. Hints that the man made of light and shadow is quite well endowed can be got away with. Suggestions that the ladies are thoroughly enjoying themselves is allowed. But no over-excitement.

The scene where Jack checks his messages in the morning is, of course, planted there mainly to remind readers that Gray is a part of his family, now. Jack, Garrett and Gray’s family relationship will feature in a later story, possibly many future stories. But for now, we just need to know that Jack and Gray are settling down to domesticity, enjoying a peaceful family breakfast.

Of them all, it is Martha who seems most taken by Phil. She likes him a lot, and clearly misses him most when he’s gone.

Is it adultery if they have sex with a ghost? Interesting moral dilemma. Answers on a postcard, guys! But all four women, plus Jack were willing to give themselves willingly to Phil regardless of their long term partners. Are we at all surprised?

Llancaiach Fawr, is one of the top ten haunted houses in Britain. But I have no intention of doing a story there. It’s just a little drop in reference in this story.