Insecticide was one of those stories that didn’t give me much trouble to write. Having decided I wanted a Human skin that an insect had broken out of, I then wanted a location for it to be found. Originally it was going to be just lying in the grass in a park. Then I found Grange Gardens in a Google Earth tour of Cardiff and the bandstand just presented itself as the perfect spot for the early action to happen. In fact, the children’s playground in the park has been used twice as a location for Doctor Who, in Fathers’ Day and Forest of the Dead. But the ornamental part of the park hasn’t been seen, so I gave it an outing.

The method of getting fingerprints from skin by getting some brave soul to wear it as a glove was shown on an episode of CSI some time ago. I can only assume it really is possible.

What is slightly implausible about the Human skin is the way it is almost intact except for the rip in the abdomen where the insect broke out. I am not sure it really could be that complete. The hands and feet at least should be a bit ragged. Then again, if Slitheen can do it, why not? Suspend disbelief just here.

What starts as a story involving Owen, Toshiko, Alun and Ianto, becomes, in the second half, mostly about Jack. A few people commented on the change in emphasis. It does look as if I’m just slipping in another Jack and Garrett story. Not really. But it did have to be Jack who would find the two insects up on the roof. Because I really wanted the scene where he grabs hold of Myfanwy and only Jack could possibly do that.

Which roof caused a few problems at first. I was thinking of several different ones, including the Millennium Centre and City Hall, both of which are places Jack goes up onto when he wants to think. But the Senedd seemed the obvious choice. It’s close to the Hub and has interesting features like the ‘dimples’.

The idea that Myfanwy would actually kill the creature, coming to Jack’s rescue, came to me as I was planning the final fight between Jack and the creature. Myfanwy is far from a tame creature, but she knows Jack, and the idea of her attacking the creature that was going to kill him seemed plausible. At least I think so.,4407,4413&parent_directory