Torchwood Women takes place in the same time frame as the two part adventure involving the Torchwood men on St. Helen’s Fort. Gwen is in charge and she has to handle a couple of crises.

While this story was still at drabble stage I had planned to call it ‘Voodoo Child’ – after the Jimmy Hendrix song. But for one thing, that would have made it far too obvious why the child’s body was stolen.

The first scene originally took place at a cemetery where the child had already been buried, and there was a more complicated story about other bodies being dug up to steal teeth for use in the ritual. Again, it made it a bit too obvious what was going on, especially when it was revealed that the Malone family are from the Caribbean.

The voodoo child story very clearly didn’t have enough mileage for a full length story. I also had an idea for a story involving Ray the Wolfman being kidnapped for use in a Cardiff style bear-baiting set up. This storyline was a bit too similar to Combat, with the men lining up to fight a Weevil, so it helped to weave the slightly less original idea with the voodoo child one.

There was a lot of positive feedback about Darius and Davina the Human friendly vampires and the After Dark Club. I wasn’t planning to bring any of them back quite so quickly, but it struck me that the vampire nightclub was an excellent place for Ray the Wolfman to work. Davina and the After Dark Club turn up again in one later story already written but not, at the time of writing, completed, and may well have other storylines, yet. We’ll have to see.