All In A Day’s Work is, admittedly, a rather vague title. I was trying to avoid any mention of plane crashes in the title, and that was the best I could come up with. Mind you, the Torchwood TV series sets a precedent with obscure titles. Random Shoes, for example, is pretty vague. So is Fragments. Mostly I wanted to imply that, not only for Torchwood, but also for people like Morris, the air crash investigator some quite gruesome events are all just in an ordinary day’s work.

I hope that the depiction of Morris does come across as a tribute to the kind of men who have to do jobs like that, for whom there are no adequate words. They do a terrible job in the midst of high emotion, media interest and all kinds of pressures to find out the truth. It is rather a shame that this Torchwood story actually implicates such a man in a cover up. It is a necessary cover up. Flesh-eating aliens can’t possibly be cited as the cause of such a disaster.

One thing that possibly doesn’t work in the story is the time frame. I really wanted it all to happen on the morning of the accident, while the press were howling for their story at the perimeter fences. I am not entirely sure if that is long enough for the bodies to be assembled in a hanger for the investigation. I know that is the procedure, but I’m not certain of the time frame, and it is not something that could possibly be verified using Google. I think a small stretch of the imagination has to be used there.

Cardiff Airport IS an international airport. I had a few comments from readers expressing surprise at that. Yes, you CAN fly to Orlando, Florida from there. I went through a whole online booking form to make sure.

And yes, lorries do transport ice cubes. I saw a lorry on the A59 near where I sit and write these stories and decided to put it in. I was intending to make a bit more of it, really. In the end it only got used as an aside. I might try to get in a more major scene with aliens frozen in ice cubes another time. But since lorry crashes were fairly well covered in the TV episode Meat, it really would need some creative thinking.