I had two scenarios in mind for stories. One was Jack and Garrett on a date, coming across the woman with the alien pheromone spray that we saw in the first episode of Torchwood. The other was finding the golden eagle eggs that came through the rift and giving them to Myfanwy. Neither of those could possibly make a whole story, or even close to one.

I also had the idea of the pregnant alien. And that, too, didn’t seem to make a full length story. So the idea of mixing them all together as one composite story of life in the Torchwood Hub on a ‘quiet’ night seemed ideal.

Another storyline that I thought of pursuing was a date between Owen and Toshiko. This, of course, came off the back of that idea in Series Two of the TV episodes where the two of them were gradually coming together as an item – before the more tragic twists of the series. I thought it would be interesting to get them close to the possibility of ‘going the distance’ before Torchwood life interrupted them. I don’t think an actual full on affair between the two of them would be a good idea, but in future stories I do plan for them to be close friends, looking out for each other.

The pregnant man idea, actually got slightly upstaged by a real pregnant man in the news in the past week or so – a transsexual whose internal organs still work. I wrote this story BEFORE that story broke, in case anyone is wondering.

Pterodactyl eggs are actually slightly smaller than golden eagle eggs according to the information I was able to find about them: Pterodactyl eggs 6.3 cm by 3.6 cm Golden eagle eggs, 7.5 x 5.8 cm.

Originally, I was going to have Ianto find the eggs of some other prehistoric creature, but how many dinosaurs could fly around Cardiff before somebody notices? I then had the idea of an extinct bird like the dodo. But dodo eggs were very small, apparently. And most extinct birds I could find were, like the dodo, flightless, which probably wouldn’t do in a nest high in the Hub roof. Then I looked at the possibility of a bird of prey, and the golden eagle was ideal. When I was a child, I read a lot of Enid Blyton books, and in one set there was an avid bird watcher who was always trying to spot golden eagles – which were then extinct or severely endangered in the British Isles. I think it is an optimistic sign that I was able to say there are 200 pairs now. Sometimes we get things right!

Here’s a lovely bit of total trivia. Having decided on Leckwith woods as a good place for the other alien travel pod to put down, I googled to see if I could find out a bit more about the A4232 which runs by it. I needed to know if it was a particularly busy road. Yes, it very definitely is. The A4232 at Leckwith was where the scenes of the TARDIS chasing the taxi were filmed for the Doctor Who story Runaway Bride. It definitely fitted the bill.