Temple of Redemption takes up the story the day AFTER Jack was interrogated, when he was no longer a suspect in the murder inquiry, but the truth was still to be known. Much of the story takes place in the Hub, with a lot of exposition by Alun about what happened at the Temple. We never, in fact, actually go there first hand. I originally intended that there would be scenes set in the Temple, but this worked better, as it allowed the story to come together much better, with everyone knowing what was happening at once. Gwen being affected by the hypnotic suggestion of Brother Nathaniel, singing Sunday School hymns, actually reflects what Suzie said about her in the episode ‘They Keep Killing Suzie’ “your theology never left Sunday School”. It is probably true of a lot of people who never bothered with church after they became independent adults. The hymns and prayers of school assembly or Sunday school are what they know best.

But real Christian religion is nothing to do with what is happening at the Temple. This is in Torchwood’s ballpark. Jack has been insisting on that all along. Finally he is vindicated by the creature that is revealed to be behind the murders, Brother Nathaniel’s true form.

The stakeout at Ianto and Alun’s apartment introduced a problem in the writing. Both stories up until now have been VERY dark, very emotional. But finally, there is a moment of light relief with the question asked by DCI Swanson – who owns the blow up sex dolls. Having written this story and brought it to its conclusion I was concerned that it was TOO comedic, too much of a contrast to the darkness. The one thing I would want to avoid in any of these stories is the ‘Brady Bunch Ending’ with everyone laughing and grinning at a cheap pun that vaguely reflects on the story that had unfolded. This came slightly close to that, but feedback from those who previewed the story seemed to find it works to just lighten the ending enough.