The Amazing Magred was a chance to bring Connie back into the picture. It was also another exercise in getting at least one or two of the group out of Cardiff. Because seriously, it’s not that big a town and somebody is going to notice all the weird stuff happening. I had to do a bit of searching to find a small town not far away that had a theatre. Abergavenny proved ideal because of the market with a car park nearby that made the scene as they escaped from the theatre work so well. The rest was fun with Multimap. Working out how long it would take for the other cars to reach Jack and Connie rushing away from Abergavenny and where they could go to lose their pursuers was a logistical problem as much as anything else.

Heads of the Valley is a wonderful name for a road. I don’t know why it is called that, and its basically just a bit of dual carriageway, but it sounds fantastic. It HAD to go in. So did Merthyr Tydfil, a beautiful rabbit warren of a village that was perfect for losing the bad guys just long enough to do the first switch.

There is a small continuity problem with the story. The gang chasing the SUV did so because they identified Magred in the back seat, wearing her white headscarf. Unfortunately, the back window of the SUV is not see through. It has a grill, so that is, I have to admit, a slight error. I intended to fix it, but I couldn’t work out a way of changing it that would still work as well as it did. So that much suspension of disbelief had to stand.