All At Sea had to be amended slightly due to the fact that I changed the previous story to allow Toshiko to be pregnant, still. This meant that the whole undersea scene was changed because she didn’t accompany Ianto and Jack in the transmat beam. It took several rewrites and edits to get that right!

I’ve been on the ferry that was mentioned specifically in this story, so it was easy to describe. I’ve never been on it in a crisis, but I should think it would be much like this. The rescue operation involving the coastguard, I hope is as accurate as it should be.

The hospitals gave me some trouble. There IS a hospital in Pembroke, right by the harbour, but it isn’t an emergency one. The nearest casualty department is in Haverfordwest. A strange situation that I suppose must be blamed on NHS cutbacks. I wonder how people in Pembroke feel about it. But anyway, it made for a bit of time with Google Earth and Multimap to work out how Jack and Gwen would get to Haverfordwest and the transport of the victims by helicopter. And it was while I was using those tools that I found the island of Skokholm, named by the Vikings and a protected bird sanctuary, mainly for puffins. A dénouement slipped into place!

Jack, standing upright on a Boatswain’s Chair as it rises up under the helicopter would be a hero shot if this was TV. Dropping the alien egg containing the alien consciousnesses onto the puffin island was a way of dealing with the aliens without killing them. The wanted bodies to inhabit. They got them – puffin bodies. A few people have pointed out the danger of them transferring to humans, but the information I have about puffins is that, though not entirely flightless, they don’t fly very far. I meant to suggest that the transfer, once made, is complete and they can’t then choose other bodies, but there didn’t seem to be a way of putting it in.

The Evening Herald IS a tabloid newspaper from Dublin. It is something like the Daily Star, not as bad as The Sun, but far from quality journalism.

Acme Portable Hole – couldn’t resist it. The old lock pick device has been used too often. And at least my explanation is plausible!