Again, the introduction to Cuckoo, the scene with Gwen and Toshiko double dating and being fed up of their men, sat in the drabble folder while I contemplated whether to actually DO a story that took my series of online fiction SO far from what was happening in the TV series. To actually GET one of the characters pregnant seemed a huge step.

Apart from a brief ten minutes of story plotting, it was ALWAYS going to be Toshiko, not Gwen who got pregnant. The idea of refusing the morning after pill seemed at first more appropriate to ‘old-fashioned girl’ Gwen. But in fact, Gwen is not THAT old fashioned. She is living with Rhys, and would probably be perfectly familiar with contraception. Toshiko is actually from a ‘traditional’ family, and would find the morning-after pill a horrible idea.

Why a single girl who lives alone would need to use her home pregnancy test at work is a slight flaw in the plot, of course. But not a major one.

The pregnancy by parthenogenesis of a shark in a Nebraskan zoo was a news item that I heard while in the middle of writing this story. It dropped into place perfectly, and served to make the storyline that little bit less implausible. I’m still not sure I want to explain HOW the alien impregnated all the women in the cabaret room without any intrusive surgery. But he just did, ok.

And yes, obviously, The Midwich Cuckoos and the film version, Village of the Damned IS one of the inspirations for this idea. The morning after pill is a complication that the aliens of John Wyndham’s book didn’t have to contend with. ‘The Great Chaulloachla’ has to be content with a much smaller return for his effort.

Fortean Times, as far as I know has never had a virgin birth story, but it is right up their alley. The Daily Star is the sort of paper that WOULD print a story about a group of women all pregnant at once. That part of the tale is perfectly feasible.

Setting the finale in Camelot Theme Park was inspired by a one off drama several years ago, the title of which I cannot remember, but it starred Rik Mayall in an unusually serious role, and the bad guys who were chasing him came to a sticky end in the jousting arena. Camelot isn’t far from where I live and I’ve been there a few times. There IS a wall that is much more of a drop on the other side, down into the backstage area where the horses and riders wait to go into the performance arena. It makes for a perfect death scene for Chaulloachla without being as public as the one in the Mayall drama.