Jekyll and Hyde is actually the second of the stories I completed AFTER the first series had aired on TV, when the characters were much better settled in my mind

One problem with the ensemble cast of Torchwood is trying to find something for them all to say. I got around the problem in this instance by actually only using the two of them in this story. Jack and Ianto. I began and ended the story with the two of them alone in the hub, sharing a drink and contemplating spending the night together. This lead to an accusation that the story was “gratuitous violence book-ended by sexual deviancy.” Which is a fairly accurate description of it, really except that I don’t think the violence was gratuitous or the sex deviant. But the action in the police station was supposed to be violent and shocking. The creature was MEANT to eat people alive.

The two female prisoners dubbed Lena Hyena and Ladette were inspired by one of those real life police series that there seem to be a lot of these days, following the real life jobs of police officers around the country. One of them focuses on Cardiff and they seem to spend a lot of time on drunken women in St. Mary’s Street. It seemed quite conceivable that the police station would have a couple of those characters in it. What a lot of people asked was what happened to them as they fade out of the story after Jack rescues them from the cells.

Ianto is the one who had to save the day. Quite often Ianto seems to be overlooked in the series. He really still needs to have his place in the spotlight. This was an attempt to give him that place for a while. It was a bitter irony that the one thing that would defeat the creature in the station was a Cyberman gun.