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So you thought the Ninth Doctor was newly regenerated when we met him as he rescued Rose from the Autons in the basement of Henrik's department store? Actually, he had had plenty of adventures before he met Rose. These stories (in chapter format) cover those adventures, from the moment of his eighth regeneration onwards. He relives the most horrific parts of his involvement in the Time War, as he recovers from his eighth regeneration. But life for the Doctor goes on. The problems of the universe still need to be solved, despite his suffering from emotional shock at what he has lost and what he has done.....

The Time War has terrible consequences for The Doctor as he accepts a last ditch mission to save Gallifrey

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

Chapter Four,Chapter Five, Chapter Six

Supplement - The Doctor's Academy Speech
(as mentioned in the story)

The Doctor is still recovering from the after effects from his eighth regeneration and the events surrounding it. He needs to visit a place of peace and tranquillity to recuperate. But will the universe let him have his rest?

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three,
Chapter Four, Chapter Five

Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight,
Chapter Nine,
Chapter Ten

hirteen, Chapter Fourteen, Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen, Chapter Seventeen, Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen, Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty-One, Chapter Twenty Two,
Chapter Twenty Three, Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter Twenty Five, Chapter Twenty Six,
Chapter Twenty Seven, Chapter Twenty Eight

Chapter Twenty Nine, Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty-One

The Doctor and Catherine are travelling in the TARDIS when a strange purple dust-like substance rapidly fills the time rotor. An emergency materialisation is needed, but where have they landed? What is the purple dust and how can it be removed from the TARDIS?

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six

Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

After their experience with the purple dust, the Doctor wanted to show Catherine something special, something cultural. What could be better than Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' in 1497 Milan? But what caused the TARDIS to veer off course and arrive in 2007 York instead?

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six

Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen, Chapter Fourteen, Chapter Fifteen

Prue was planning many more stories involving the Ninth Doctor and Catherine, but sadly she died after a long fight with cancer in February, 2009. This set of stories, therefore, stand as her legacy to Doctor Who fans.

Rose Pearse

Prue had begun to write another story but never got to finish it. The story was going to involve The Doctor and Catherine driving through North Yorkshire, ending in Whitby where they were going to watch the sunrise from the famous East Cliff.

Having talked with Prue about where she wanted this story to go, I knew I could 'finish' it. This is a much shorter story than Prue ever wrote, only one episode. But it completes the story of The Doctor and Catherine's companionship.

Postcard From Yorkshire