The Doctor's Family Tree

Known as - Chrístõ Dracœfire de Lœngbærrow

AKA - The Dragon Slayer

Full name - Chrístõdavõreendiamòndhærtmallõupdracœfire de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Patriarch of the House of Lœngbærrow, alleged to have slain dragons. Since dragons are not indigenous to Gallifrey, he must have done so, while travelling offworld. On his return he married Kierinia Ravenswode. The marriage seems to have been a happy one, despite her family’s objections to the union. He broke with tradition in having her name inscribed with his own on their joint tomb.

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Known as - Kierinia De Lœngbærrow

AKA Kierinia Ravenswode

Bio – Little is known of her except that she was the eldest daughter of the then Ravenswode patriarch and married the heir of Lœngbærrow against her parents wishes. She was well loved by her husband and is named on the joint tomb in the family plot in the grounds of Mount Lœng House. She had two children sired by her husband, a som, Chrístõ Delun, and daughter, Thedara.

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Known as – Chrístõ de Lun de Lœngbærrow

AKA – The Astronomer

Full name – Chrístõdavõreendiamòndhærtmallõupdracœfiredelun de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Named at birth with the suffix de Lun, (of the moon) he was one of Gallifrey’s foremost astronomers, and added greatly to the knowledge of planetary bodies in the Kasterborus system.

Chrístõ de Lun caused a scandal by marrying a Caretaker woman, Aineytta Mitabrev, who was his sister’s personal maid.

At some time in his life, he is known to have lost a leg to a Pazithi Wolf.

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Known as – Aineytta De Lœngbærrow

AKA – Aineytta Mitabrev, Aineytta the Gentle

Bio – Aineytta’s father was a herbalist who passed on his knowledge to his daughter. Financial circumstances, however, forced her to seek domestic employment. She was personal maid to Thedara de Lœngbærrow when the young heir to the Lœngbærrow Estate fell in love with her and asked her hand in marriage. Many of the Gallifreyan society women resented a Caretaker becoming a Lady, and some suggested that she had used her herbalist knowledge to concoct a love potion. The word 'witch’ was never used within her husband’s hearing.

Aineytta had four children, two daughters and two sons. The daughters were Oriana and Renita and the sons, Kristoph and Remonte.

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Known as – Thedara de Máscanntaen

AKA – Thedara de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Spirited daughter of Chrístõ Dracœfire and Kierinia. She was one of the first ladies of Gallifrey to learn to drive her own car, though having set the trend most of her peers learnt to do the same. Married Niluom de Máscanntaen, the eldest son of a Newblood House with powerful business connections. There were no children of their union.

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Known as – Niluom de Máscantaen,

Bio – Married to Thedara de Lœngbærrow, an independent woman, and possibly the first henpecked husband on Gallifrey. A powerful businessman.

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Known as – Oriana Lessage

AKA – Oriana de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Eldest daughter of Chrístõ de Lun and Aineytta. She married Haddick Lessage, only son of Lord Haddick Lessage and Callista Ravenswode, and seems to have been happy to have married money without political power. She is a first class snob, and resents being reminded that her mother was once a domestic servant. There are no children of the union.

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Known as – Chrístõ Mian de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Kristoph De Leon, The Executioner, The Professor, The Ambassador, The Peacemaker.

Full name – Chrístõdavõreendiamòndhærtmallõupdracœfiredelunmian de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Chrístõ Mian was the second child of Chrístõ de Lun and Aineytta, but because of the patriarchal nature of Gallifreyan society, and the principle of primogeniture, he was destined to become the head of the family. When Chrístõ Mian had just graduated from the Prydonian Academy, a war broke out between Gallifrey and a powerful enemy. In common with many young men of his generation he joined the military and was sent to fight. He was captured by the enemy and believed dead by his family for a very long time. He was eventually brought home, badly wounded and had to undergo a forced regeneration in order to save his life. While he was away, his childhood sweetheart, Lilliana had married another man and his parents, believing him to be dead, had produced a second son, Remonte, his younger brother.

Following his recovery from his injuries, Chrístõ Mian joined the Celestial Intervention Agency, the secret service of Gallifrey. He became their most prolific assassin, known as the Executioner. When an execution went badly wrong, he left the CIA in disgust and instead joined the Diplomatic Corps, where he became known as The Peacemaker, for his efforts at preventing wars in many parts of the galaxy.

Temporarily re-attached to the CIA, he was undercover on the planet Earth, posing as a university lecturer, when he met Marion Horsley, a student at the university. They fell in love and he confessed his true identity although she always called him Kristoph. They married twice, once on Earth, and again on Gallifrey. Kristoph was in his twelfth incarnation when he was married to Marion.

During Marion’s life he was Magister of Southern Gallifrey and later Ambassador to Ventura IV. After her death he returned to Gallifrey and subsequently married Valena de Arpexia. At present he is officially Ambassador to Adano-Ambrado.

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Known as – Renita De Lœngbærrow

AKA – Renita the Wise

Bio – Renita is the youngest daughter of Chrístõ de Lun and Aineytta. As a child she was always quiet and contemplative. As soon as she was of age she joined the Sisterhood of Contemplation. This is not a religious order as such, as there is no religion on Gallifrey. But the sisterhood practice contemplative meditation and are known as gentle, pure souls. She occasionally leaves the cloisters to visit her family, and they regularly visit her.

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Known as – Remonte de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Remonte is the youngest child of Chrístõ de Lun and Aineytta. There is a significant age gap between him and his siblings because he was born because his brother was believed dead and it was necessary to have a male heir in an Oldblood House.

Since his brother’s return he was no longer raised as the heir and instead pursued a political career. He married Idell Malthis, daughter of a Newblood House. The marriage was not a happy one. Idell clearly married him for his social position as an Oldblood, in the mistaken belief that he would be named heir when Kristoph was away on CIA business. Although there is no concept of divorce on Gallifrey, he eventually disowned Idell and she lives a separate life.

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Known as – Idell De Lœngbærrow

AKA – Idell Malthis

Bio – Idell was the eldest of two daughters of the Newblood Malthis family. She married Remonte in the belief that he WAS going to be named heir to the Oldblood House of Lœngbærrow, a place of honour in Gallifreyan society. As long as Kristoph remained unmarried, she held out the hope that her own child would yet be named as heir. When Kristoph announced his engagement to Marion she was incensed that she was being displaced by a foreigner and went to great lengths to prevent the wedding. Eventually, Remonte, disgusted by he behaviour, had her formally set aside and disowned.

Later, Idell was killed by a deranged enemy of the Loengbarrow family. After a suitable period Remonte remarried.

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Known as – Shiony Malthis

Bio – Shiony Malthis is the youngest daughter of a lesser scion of the Newblood House of Malthis. Her father is the younger son who inherited only a fraction of the family wealth. She had to either marry or find a job to support herself. She was working in Transduction Barrier traffic control at the time when Kristoph de Leon was betrothed to Marion. She and her sister attempted to invoke the ancient Laws of Purity to prevent the marriage, but received a heavy fine for perjury when her charges were proved false.

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Known as – Gailen Malthis

AKA – Gailen De Lœngbærrow

Bio – Gailen is the son of Idell de Lœngbærrow. He was born after his mother was formally seperated from his biological father, Remonte de Lœngbærrow and was therefore named Malthis not Lœngbærrow.

He is known to have had a good education and took a job in the Gallifreyan Civil Service. Long after the destruction of Gallifrey it came to light that he committed an act of treason against his homeworld in the last days before the end.

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Rika de Loengbaerrow

AKA Rika Desau

Rika was originally a ladies made in the home of Lady Lilliana D'Alba D'Argenlunna. Lady Lily assigned her as Marion's ladies maid when she came to live at Maison D'Alba prioer to her marriage to Kristoph De Loengbaerroew. She moved to Mount Loeng House as Mariom's senior personal maid. Marion discovered by accident that she was having an affair with her brother in Law, Remonte de Loengbaerrow. She sympathised and helped to keep their relationship secret. Later, when Idell was killed, Remonte was free to marry Rika. The fact that she was a Caretaker caused gossip, but the two of them were happy together.

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Known as – Lord Haddick Lessage

Bio – Patriarch of the Newblood House of Lessage. The family accumulated wealth through business.

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Known as – Callista Lessage

AKA – Callista Ravenswode

Bio – Callista was a younger daughter of one branch of the Ravenswode family and is regarded as having married beneath her, since Lessage is a Newblood House.

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Known as – Minniette Oakdaene

AKA – Minniette Lessage

Bio – Minniette Lessage made a good marriage politically when she became the wife of Rõgæn Koschei Oakdaene Senior, the third son of the Oldblood House who, nevertheless, inherited absolutely when his two elder brothers were passed over. She was a hard, calculating woman, a snob, and capable of deceit. The fact that her husband was a crooked businessman with interests in shady deals across the galaxy did not make he any less of a vicious gossip or dent her pride. She had one son, Rõgæn Lee Koschei Oakdaene. She was widowed when her son was still a boy when her husband was killed offworld by gangsters.

When her son was sentenced to Shada for his own illegal activities, she killed herself.

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Known as – Haddick Lessage

Bio – Haddick Lessage is the heir to the Newblood House of Lessage, married to Oriana de Lœngbærrow, presumably for love as there was little political gain.

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Known as – Rõgæn Lee Koschei Oakdaene

AKA – Epsilon, The Master

Bio – Rõgæn Koschei Oakdaene was born in the same year as Chrístõ Cuimhne de Lœngbærrow. They were both Oldblood, went to the same Academy, became Time Lords. But their lives could not have been more different. Rõgæn’s father was killed when he was young and his inheritance was held in trust by Chrístõ Mian de Lœngbærrow. Some say that when he faced the Untempered Schism at the age of eight he was mentally unhinged and that was the reason why he became, as an adult, nothing short of a criminal. After committing numerous crimes across the galaxy while still technically an adolescent Rõgæn, AKA Epsilon, was sent to Shada for a long period of time. At some point he was released before his sentence was complete and it is known that much later, he continued his nefarious life, calling himself The Master.

The Master was known to have died MANY times, having used up his thirteen Time Lord lives and contrived to extend himself indefinitely. Nobody is entirely sure if he yet lives.

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Known as – Lee Koschei Oakdaene

Bio – Lee Koschei Oakdaene was patriarch of the House of Oakdaene. Oakdaene is an Oldblood House, though not one of the Twelve Ancient Houses allegedly sired by Rassilon. In his time, however, it was a House of good repute. Lee Koschei Oakdaene’s mistake, if anything, was in having three sons.

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Known as – Bellisa Reidluum

Bio – Bellisa Reidluum is the daughter of another good Oldblood House. She bore three sons to her husband, Lee, Legæn and Rõgæn.

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Known as – Lee Koschei Oakdaene

AKA – Mai Li Tuo

Bio – Eldest son of Lee Koschei Oakdaene and Bellisa. As a boy he was a good friend of Chrístõ Mian de Lœngbærrow, as was his brother, Legæn. They adventured together in the mountains and deserts of Gallifrey. When war broke out shortly after their graduation, Lee and Chrístõ Mian went to war together. Later, both entered the service of the Celestial Intervention Agency.

Lee was a senior agent of the CIA when he was thought to have committed an unauthorised murder and escaped Gallifrey as a criminal and renegade. His name was expunged from the family line.

Much later, Chrístõ Mian was sent to Earth to find the Renegade Lee and instead learnt that he was innocent of the crime he was accused of. He regenerated for the last time with Chinese physiognomy and lived out his life in exile on Earth. He lived in China for over two thousand years before coming to England after the Communist takeover of the country. He died in Liverpool, England and was cremated there by his Human and Time Lord friends who finally came to know his secret identity.

He is known to have married, and loved, in succession, as many as four hundred Chinese women over the centuries of his exile. Also was the illicit lover of any number of princesses and noblewomen.

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Known as – Legæn Koschei Oakdaene

AKA – The Maestro

Bio – Legæn Koschei Oakdaene was a pacifist. He didn’t go to war with his brother. Instead he became a member of the contemplative Brotherhood on Mount Lœng. He also taught at the Prydonian Academy. For a while, Legæn gave up the contemplative life and married Penelope Ussian, a charming artistic woman who he fell in love with. When she died in an unknown accident and his daughter married, he returned to the contemplative and teaching life. He renounced the patriarchy that was handed down to him after his brother was declared Renegade and his younger brother therefore inherited.

After the death of his eldest brother, Lee, much more of his history came to light.

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Known as - Rõgæn Koschei Oakdaene

Bio – Rõgæn Koschei Oakdaene was the youngest of the three brothers and only by chance and circumstance came to inherit the family property and the patriarchy. He married Minniette Lessage, presumably from love, and they had one son, Rõgæn Lee Koschei Oakdaene. Although from a wealthy Oldblood family, Rõgæn Koschei Oakdaene was ambitious to increase his wealth and did so through various illegal business transactions. One of these transactions is known to have led to his murder by rival criminals.

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Known as – Penelope Ussian

Bio - Penelope Ussian was a daughter of a Newblood House. She was artistic and charming and Legæn Koschei Oakdaene was persuaded to give up his contemplative life and marry her. They were a happy family for a while. She had one daughter, Dannan, who was well loved by her father.

Penelope died in an unknown accident before her time.

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Known as – Dannan Oakdaene

AKA – Dannan Dúre

Bio – Dannan was the daughter of a love match between two gentle, peace loving people. But she herself was notorious as a mass murderer with her husband, Lord Mordlock Ixion, last patriarch of the Ancient Oldblood House of Ixion. She aided and abetted him in the murder of every member of the rival House of Pretarion, and subsequently escaped from Gallifrey to become exiles in the Adano-Ambradan system where they became, by circumstances unknown, rules of the planet of Adano Menor. They changed their surname to Dúre and had one son, Penne. They died in a carriage accident when he was still a boy.

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Known as – Lord Mordlock Ixion

AKA – Mordlock Dúre

Bio – Mordlock Ixion was the last patriarch of the Ancient Oldblood House of Ixion. He married Dannan Oakdaene and with her committed one of the most shocking mass murders in Gallifreyan history when he orchestrated the deaths of the entire House of Pretarion. He and his wife and accomplices escaped Gallifrey and the House of Ixion and House of Pretarion ceased to exist – reducing the Twelve Ancient Houses to Ten.

He and Dannan had one son, Penne, who they gave their new surname, Dúre. He and his wife were killed in a carriage accident when their son was a boy.

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Known as – Penne Dúre

AKA – Penne Ixion.

Bio – Penne was the only child of Mordlock and Dannan Dúre. He was unaware of his Gallifreyan heritage having been born on Adano Menor. He became ruler of the planet after his parents’ deaths. He was lazy, lascivious, and largely ignorant of the realities of the lives of his subjects until he met Chrístõ Cuimhne de Lœngbærrow, who by strange coincidence he resembles exactly. Chrístõ’s father told him the true story of his parent’s crime and exile which distressed him but also made him determined to become a good ruler and a better person than his father.

He became ruler not only of Adano Menor but Adano Gran and Ambrado Uno after defeating the despotic rulers of both of those planets and therefore King-Emperor of the whole Adano-Ambrado solar system, which was united under him.

He met Cirena of Terrigna IV at a grand ball to choose a princess to rule with him. Luckily it was love at first sight for them both. Shortly after that, Cirena’s home planet was destroyed in a civil war and Penne married her.

They were unable to have natural children, but a few years after their marriage Penne found out that he had a biological son, created by force cloning in an attempt to blackmail him. Penne accepted Corwen as his own flesh and blood and came to love him.

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Known as – Nestista
AKA – Nestista Dúre

Bio – Nestista was the sister of the Dragon-Loge Marton, ruler of Logia, the next planetary system to Adano-Ambrado. She was given to Penne Dúre as a concubine by her brother, who regarded women, even his own siblings, as property. Cirena, was very upset at the idea of Penne having a concubine, but he instead had her formally adopted as his sister and given status in his Court.

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Known as – Corwen Kane

AKA – Corwen Kane Dúre, Duke of Adano Menor.

Bio – Corwen Kane was originally presented to Penne as his biological son as a result of a liaison with a servant, Dalle Kane, sixteen years previously. However, the truth came out that he was not sixteen years old, but less than six months old. He had been created as a force grown clone using Penne’s DNA. Penne, acknowledged that the boy WAS his biological offspring and accepted him as his son. Initially it was thought he would only live a few months, but Penne used his influence to find medical experts who could extend his life through medication. He is thought to now have a lifespan of as much as thirty years.

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Known as – Princess Cirena Dúre

AKA – Cirena of Terrigna IV

Bio – Cirena was born as a princess of the planetary system of Terrigna. She was raised to be married to a prince. She fell in love with Penne Dúre at a ball at the Adano Ambrado palace. Her home world was destroyed in a civil war. Penne married her for love even though she was now destitute and homeless. They are very much in love still, and even though she was found to be barren, Penne refused all suggestions of taking a mistress to produce an heir.

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Known as – Valena De Lœngbærrow

AKA – Valena Arpexia

Bio – Valena is a daughter of the Arpexia House. She was the second wife of Chrístõ Mian de Lœngbærrow. At the time of their marriage, her father was Chancellor, but he died, apparently of natural causes, not long after the birth of their son, Garrick. There was a rift between Valena and her husband over her demands to make her pure blood son heir over his half brother, Chrístõ Cuimhne, but it was later revealed that she did that only under pressure from her father. She and Chrístõ Mian were reconciled when she revealed that she was pregnant again, but she lost the child when forced to regenerate after a vicious attack by Epsilon. She also slowly gained the respect, if not the love, of Chrístõ Cuimhne. She knew his mother, Marion, before he was born. Valena has several times proved herself to have a great deal of courage and initiative, and more than merely a society lady who wears clothes and takes tea with other ladies.

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Known as – Garrick de Lœngbærrow

Gárrïckdåibhîdõrionvúlfurloughmerci de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Garrick was the second son of Chrístõ Mian de Lœngbærrow, by his second wife, Valena. There was an age gap of 190 years between him and his elder half brother and their relationship was always difficult. As a small baby, Garrick suffered from liver failure and was saved by his brother, and later was kidnapped, again, his brother rescued him. For most of Garrick's childhood he hero worshipped Chrístõ, who showed him affection and a certain amount of guidance. But the earlier promise of brotherly afinity didn't last. As adults, Garrick and Chrístõ Cuimhne were civil with each other, but never managed to bridge an emotional gap between them that was never fully explained..

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Known as – Marion Horsley

AKA – Lady Marion de Lœngbærrow

Full name – Marion Natalie Horsley

Bio – Marion was born in Birkenhead, Wirral, in 1972. She was the illegitimate child of a young woman called Diane. Diane loved her daughter, but she was killed in a traffic accident when Marion was only ten years old, and her life after that was a series of foster parents before she left school and went to university.

During the summer of her first year at university she attended a summer school in Harrogate, purely as somewhere to live when the Halls were closed. There, she met a literature professor, Kristoph de Leon, with whom she had a whirlwind romance. When Kristoph revealed that he was, in fact, an alien, a Time Lord from Gallifrey, she was initially concerned, but came to accept his true identity. They became engaged before the start of the new academic year, but Marion wanted to continue her education before they were married. She graduated and took a teacher training course before marrying Kristoph both in an Earth wedding ceremony and on Gallifrey where she adapted to life as a society Lady.

Marion suffered six miscarriages and stillbirths, a source of unhappiness to her and her husband, before finally giving birth to a son, Chrístõ Cuimhne. By then, however, her heart was weak. She died when her son was six years old.

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Known as – Chrístõ Cuimhne de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Theta Sigma, Li Shang Hui, The Doctor, John Smith

Full name – Chrístõdavõreendiamòndhærtmallõupdracœfiredelunmiancuimhne de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Chrístõ Cuimhne was the first born son of Chrístõ Mian and only son of Marion de Lœngbærrow. When he was born, he was found to have a birthmark known as the Mark of Rassilon and a reading of his future timeline was considered so significant to Gallifrey that it was kept in a sealed file in the Panopticon. As a half blood, with a Human mother, he was unique because he had tear ducts. He was a happy child, loved by both his parents. When his mother died, he became close to his father. He was privately educated until he was old enough to attend the Prydonian Academy. There, at first, he was unhappy, bullied by those who felt a half blood had no place there. In the worst incident, the birthmark was obscured by the letters Theta Sigma branded into his flesh, the scar remaining throughout his life, despite regeneration.

Eventually, with the help of a teacher, Maestro, and a family friend, Lily d’Alba D’Argenlunna, and others, he rose above the pettiness, became a well trained, accomplished and handsome young man, graduating from the Academy with highest honours and achieving his lifelong ambition – he became a Time Lord.

He took a gap decade before graduation in which he travelled extensively throughout the universe, meeting new friends of other races, especially humans, as he had an infinity for Earth. In particular, he met Julia, a young girl who would be his wife when she was old enough.

He married Julia when she was 23 and she had one son by him, another half blood, who had the Earth name Christopher. The family were happy. Chrístõ Cuimhne worked for the Gallifreyan Civil Service and they lived a peaceful life. Julia died at the age of 83, and father and son mourned her, but even so, Chrístõ Cuimhne continued to be happy as his son grew to manhood and was proud when he made a good marriage. After his son had married, though, he felt restless and travelled again for a time. He returned to his family just before his granddaughter, Susan, was born.

But tragedy hit the family. Christopher and his wife were killed in a vicious attack. Or so Chrístõ Cuimhne believed. He became disillusioned with life on Gallifrey and a few years later he left the planet taking his granddaughter with him.

By now, he was known as The Doctor to everyone who knew him, and he embarked on a series of adventures that lasted through nearly five centuries. Susan left him to make her own life, but he continued to travel with a series of friends and companions.

Tragedy struck again when Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War and he was left as the only survivor. He met Rose Tyler, a young Earth woman with whom he formed a close relationship that slowly developed into love. He married Rose and settled on Earth in the 23rd century, where he was reunited with Susan. He also found his son, Christopher, who had not died, but had slipped though a temporal rip and lost for all those years.

With Rose, so far, he has had five children, Vicki Katarina, Peter, twins called Jack and Julia and Sarah Jane.

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Known as – Julia de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Julia Sommers

Bio – Julia was born on Earth in the mid 24th century. Her family were emigrating to the colony planets of Beta Delta on a space ship called the SS Alduous Huxley when it was infiltrated by Space Vampyres. She was the last human survivor, aged eleven, living by her wits and a talent for moving quickly and agilely that came from her hobbies of ballet and gymnastics. Chrístõ Cuimhne arrived in his TARDIS, and defeated the vampyres. He brought Julia away, and she became his companion for a year before she went to live on Beta Delta IV with her aunt and uncle.

When she was 23, she married Chrístõ and became Lady de Lœngbærrow when he inherited the patriarchy. She had one son, Christopher. She died at the age of 83, after sixty happy years as the wife of her Time Lord.

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Known as – Rose De Lœngbærrow

AKA – Rose Tyler

Full name – Rose Marion de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Rose Tyler was an ordinary shopgirl working in a London store when, one night, she was attacked by shop window dummies that came to life. She was rescued by a stranger who called himself The Doctor. She in turn saved his life, and a beautiful relationship ensued. Rose and The Doctor travelled together and fell in love little by little. Eventually, the became engaged and married. The Doctor bought a house in London in the 23rd century, near his granddaughter from his first marriage. Rose gave birth to five children so far. Vicki Katarina, Peter, twins called Jack and Julia and Sarah Jane..

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Known as – Pete Tyler

Full name – Peter Alan Tyler

Bio – Pete Tyler was born in London in 1956. He married Jackie Tyler and they had one daughter, Rose. Pete was a dreamer who wanted to make it as a businessman, but his ideas never quite paid off. He was killed in a car accident when Rose was only six months old.

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Known as – Jackie de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Jackie Tyler

Full name – Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler (née Prentice),

Bio – Jackie Tyler raised her daughter in a council flat, on a widow’s pension plus what she could make from mobile hairdressing. When Rose was 19, she met The Doctor. Jackie was initially hostile to him, but came to regard him as a friend who she could trust. She also got to know his granddaughter, Susan. By the time Rose and The Doctor got married, Jackie was friendly with his son, Christopher, and began dating him. They announced their engagement five years after The Doctor and Rose’s wedding, and were married in the course of time, making her The Doctor’s mother in law AND daughter in law. Jackie gave birth to her second child, a son, Garrick at New Year 2217.

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Known as – Christopher de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Chrístõ Milagro

Full name – Chrístõdavõreendiamòndhærtmallõupdracœfiredelunmiancuimhnemiraglo de Lœngbærrow,

Bio – Christopher de Lœngbærrow was the only son of Chrístõ Cuimhne and Julia. He was a quiet, studious boy, and his father was not the only one who expected him to go far. He made a good marriage to Ámándáliá Mírraflaex, and they had a daughter, Susan. Everything seemed to be going well for them when a jealous political rival killed them both – or seemed to do so.

Several centuries later, his father became convinced that he was not, in fact, dead, and searched for him. He eventually found him in a strange place called The Hall of Lost Souls, where his body had been cared for all the time he was believed dead. His body and mind were restored by regeneration within his own pyramid on SangC’lune and, though grieving for his wife, Christopher picked up the pieces of his life, reunited with his now grown up daughter and her children.
Christopher found solace in the company of Jackie Tyler, who, a widow herself, sympathised with him. Love grew from it and they married. They now have one child, named Garrick after his uncle.

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Known as - Ámándáliá de Lœngbærrow

AKA – Ámándáliá Mírraflaex

Bio – Ámándáliá was a daughter of the Newblood Mírraflaex family, very rich through business interests. She married Christopher de Lœngbærrow for love, against the wishes of her family and was happy. She gave birth to a daughter, Susan. She was murdered when their child was still a baby.

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Known as – Susan Campbell

AKA – Susan de Lœngbærrow, Susan Foreman

Full name – Susan Ámándáliá Julia de Lœngbærrow Campbell

Bio – Susan was the only child of Christopher and Ámándáliá de Lœngbærrow. When her parents were killed she was taken care of by her grandfather, Chrístõ Cuimhne, known as The Doctor. She was only a little girl, still, when he brought her with him away from Gallifrey. Together they travelled the universe in his old TARDIS. She loved her grandfather, but found the life very lonely and was glad when they settled on Earth for a time. Later, they travelled again with two Human companions, her teachers, Ian and Barbara. When they came to Earth in 2164 in the middle of the Dalek invasion, she fell in love with one of the resistance fighters, David Campbell. She stayed with him when The Doctor and his friends moved on. He promised to come back, but it was more than forty years of her own lifetime and several centuries of his before he did return. By then he was in his ninth life and she introduced him to her own children, twins, Chris and Davie, and Sukie.

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Known as – David Campbell

Bio – David Campbell was a resistance fighter in the Dalek Invasion of Earth. When it was over, Susan stayed with him and they married. They lived a relatively normal Human life on post invasion Earth. He was in his late fifties when the twins were born and then, eight years later, Sukie, completing a happy marriage. At first he found The Doctor’s interference in the upbringing of his children annoying, but gradually came to be proud when the boys became Time Lords.

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Known as – Garrick de Lœngbærrow

Full name – Garrick Chrístõ Remonte Alan Harry Miraglo de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Garrick is the newborn son of Christopher and Jackie, born at New Year 2017.

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Known as – Davie de Lœngbærrow-Campbell

AKA – David Campbell Junior

Full name – Davõreenchrístõdiamondhaertmallõupdracœfiredelunmiancuimhnemilágrodánte de Lœngbærrow-Campbell

Bio – Davie is the eldest, by a few minutes, of Susan and David’s children. Until he was eight years old he knew nothing of his family background. Then his great-grandfather came to visit and he discovered that he was half Gallifreyan, and that the reason he wasn’t allowed to join the school football team was that he had two hearts and different blood to the other boys. He and his twin brother already had telepathic communication with each other, but The Doctor trained them both, intending for them to be Time Lords in the fullness of time. This came to pass on their eighteenth birthday when they transcended, becoming the first new Time Lords for a generation, and the first born on Earth. Davie is a skilled engineer, who has already built a prototype time machine. He is also a Master of several martial arts. He is engaged to Brenda Freeman. Davie is The Doctor’s spiritual heir – it is predicted that he, one day, will be known as The Doctor and will carry on his life’s work.

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Known as – Chris de Lœngbærrow-Campbell

AKA – Christopher Campbell

Full name – Chrístõdavõreendiamondhaertmallõupdracœfiredelunmiancuimhnemilágrolúzio de Lœngbærrow-Campbell

Bio – Chris is Davie’s younger brother by a few minutes. The two boys were always close, learning to communicate with each other telepathically early in their lives. But as they matured, their interests differed. While Davie became an engineer and had The Doctor’s thirst for adventure, Chris was a dreamer of dreams. His ambition was to build a sanctuary where he could teach his own form of meditation and spiritual renewal to people of all races and species. He has, therefore, dedicated himself to a celibate and sober life in order to set an example.

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Known as – Sukie Campbell

Full name – Susan Ámándáliá Kierinia Fiona Campbell de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Sukie is nearly eight years younger than her twin brothers, the baby of the family. She is a hybrid, having human blood and only one heart, and so cannot be a Time Lord. But she IS a super-telepath, with stronger abilities than The Doctor or almost anyone else they have so far encountered. She is a natural healer, too. Her Destiny is to be a teacher of new Time Lords.
It is known that in the future she will marry and have a son, called Brian.

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Known as – Earl Gregory

Bio – Earl Gregory is the twenty sixth century son of one of the Gallifreyans rescued from slavery under the Sontarans by The Doctor and the twins. He met Sukie Campbell when she and Vicki got lost in a time loop in the park near his home. He was a Time Lord candidate at the time, preparing for his transcension. He is destined to marry Sukie Campbell when she is old enough to be courted.

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Known as – Brian Gregory

Bio – Brian is the future son of Russell and Sukie. He will marry Vicki de Lœngbærrow and they will have one son, Tristie.

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Known as –Tristie

AKA – Tristie de Lœngbærrow Gregory

Full name –Tristiedavõreenvictorcoraggioso de Lœngbærrow Gregory

Bio – Tristie is the son of Vicki and grandson of Sukie, born in the 31st century. It is known that he was an apprentice under Davie Campbell, who taught him to be a Time Lord and helped him rebuild an old TARDIS for his own use. Tristie is courageous, but also ambitious and impulsive and apt to ride roughshod over rules. In particular, he ignores all the rules about crossing timelines and is often found in the 23rd century, long before he was born, with his uncles, Chris and Davie. He has a girlfriend called Trudi who he met in 1974 and has become formally engaged to. The Doctor calls him a chip off the old block.

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Known as – Julia de Lœngbærrow

One of the twins born to Rose and The Doctor on Tibora during the Dominator war

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Known as – Jack de Lœngbærrow

One of the twins born to Rose and The Doctor on Tibora during the Dominator war

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Known as – Sarah Jane de Lœngbærrow

Human child born to Rose and 'John Smith' - The Doctor's Human form while under the influence of the Chameleon Arch.

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Known as – Peter de Lœngbærrow AKA – The Peacemaker (future)

Full name – Peter Alan Christopher David Cuimhne Coraggioso de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Peter is The Doctor’s second son, born of his second marriage to Rose Tyler. He is named after her father who died when she was a baby. At this point in their history he is still a baby, but it is known that in the future he will be an ambassador, with the soubriquet “Peacemaker” who will do a great deal of good work in the universe.

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Known as – Brenda Freeman/Brenda Campbell

Bio – Brenda is Tiboran. Tibora was a dominion planet of Gallifrey, and its people regard the Time Lords as gods. Brenda first met The Doctor when she was a teenager possessed by a demon that made her start fires. The Doctor dealt with the problem and she grew up happy and well-adjusted. When she met Davie Campbell she was shy and awkward with him because he was a Time Lord elect and on of the gods, but he persuaded her to see him as a boy who cared deeply for her. They were formally engaged on Davie’s 18th birthday and married three years later. She later gave birth to twins, Sebastian and Mark.

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Known as – Vicki de Lœngbærrow

Full name – Vicki Katarina Rose de Lœngbærrow

Bio – Vicki is The Doctor and Rose’s first born daughter. When she was four years old she was accidentally aged five years, so that she appears to be the same age as her ‘cousin’ Sukie. She is a strong telepath and a calm, gentle demeanour that allows her to heal with the power of her mind. She has a close relationship with her father, who enjoys teaching her the skills she will need to be a Time Lord in the fullness of time.

In the future it is known that she will marry several times. Her first husband will be Jimmy Forrester. Later she will also marry Brian Gregory, Sukie’s son. They have one known son, Tristie.

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Jimmy Forrester

Jimmy Forrester knew Vicki de Loengbarrow and Sukie Campbell since primary school, but at that time he considered girls in general and those two in particular as a nuisance. At secondary school they became friends, and he was Sukie's first 'boyfriend' when she was still in her early teens. Later, he is destined to become Vicki's boyfriend and her first husband.

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