I did a Torchwood story a few months back in which The Doctor turned up at the Hub with his memory erased. It worked quite well. But I felt there was more I could do with a storyline like that.

This story also slightly resembles a Theta Sigma story called Lost which I wrote more than two years ago, now, in that the principle character has lost his memory as a result of trying to stop a bomb on a space station. It differs mainly in that Lost had more to do with Chrístõ’s friends trying to find him in the hospital whereas this one is about The Doctor finding himself.

The Doctor waking up and thinking that Donna might be his wife was a scene I wanted to go into this story. The idea of him not recognising his own face in a mirror was also something I wanted to find a place for from the start.

The TARDIS and the 1,000 year old diary came later in the thought processes. My description of it is something similar to the diary with the ‘spoilers’ from the Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead episodes on TV. This started out as coincidence, but I think, in fact, it probably should be the same diary. It makes sense in a way.

The last piece, where The Doctor talks about Grace Holloway and the other medical women he had kissed, all of whom had the hospital ships named after them, was a bit of fun. I decided a long time ago that hospital ships were named after medical women, passenger space ships after science fiction writers and freighters after European cities. But it was the first time The Doctor had actually referred to his connection with all the women! His fondness for Marie Curie, of course, was mentioned in the 1996 movie.