The Surrogate is Stella’s last story, and one which actually doesn’t feature a lot of her after the opening scenes. It becomes all about Jamie.

Ever since I brought Jamie in as a character I had in mind a finale in which The Doctor would reunite him/her and Wyn. I had to work out a way in which they would be parted first. Obviously, Wyn had stayed on in South Africa, and Jamie returned to London in the 51st century, but they had souped up mobile phones and Jamie had her vortex manipulator. They should have been all right. But WAY back, in the story “In a Lifetime’ The Doctor had visited Wyn and Stella five years after the events of their year with him and she was alone in Llanfairfach. Clearly something had to have happened.

The clue came from Torchwood series two, where Captain Jack learnt that the Time Agency had shut down. So Jamie was out of a job and no longer had a vortex manipulator. She was trapped in the 51st century, having broken it off with Wyn because she couldn’t reach her.

Until the chance came to earn some money, by becoming a surrogate parent to an unborn child whose mother was assassinated. A heavy thing to have to do. Especially with the traitors still on their trail.

But with The Doctor’s help, everything is fine. I did intend to have more detail of the caesarean in which Jamie gave birth to the princess and was freed of his obligation, but really it didn’t need it. What it did need, was for things to come full circle with a return to Llanfairfach a few days after the events of ‘In a Lifetime’ for that reunion.

And then The Doctor went off on his own, again. But I had plans for him. He wouldn’t be alone for long.