Mandi was one of several stories that I got out of the premise of the Torchwood series two episode, Adam, of people having their memories altered so that they believe they have known somebody for years who only just arrived. In Adam, the character who was manipulating their memories did so in a rather malicious way, even though he really did just want to live. Mandi, was never going to be quite that bad.

The name, Mandi Kaur, actually is the first name and surname of two different people who work in the call centre of the housing association who own my house, both of which I dislike. Using that name allowed me to have the same cool attitude towards her that Stella maintained, though in the end Mandi turned out to be not so much malicious as desperate.

Stella’s outrage was inevitable, of course. She was convinced that Jamie loved Wyn, and wanted them to get back together, eventually. To find another woman in her life was a shock. The Doctor was the voice of reason, knowing that something wasn’t right, and trying to work out what it was.

The comment about Lanzarote looking a bit like an alien planet is, of course, an in-joke. Doctor Who fans will know that the planet Sarn – the Planet of Fire – was filmed in the volcanic mountains of Lanzarote on a rather expensive overseas location shoot for that episode.

The place by St. Katherine’s Docks where The Doctor confronted Jamie and forced him to remember the truth, after having been hypnotised by Mandi is quite a popular tourist destination. It has been used quite often in television programmes, though it has not yet appeared in Doctor Who. The scene in ‘Rose’ with The Doctor and Rose running along the embankment is a bit further away. The Sundial and Tower Bridge, though, made for a very nice setting for that scene.

Ten’s solution to the problem is a kind one. He recognises that Mandi’s people are desperate and need his help. He also recognises that what has been done so far can’t be undone. So he reaches a compromise that allows the humans and Mandi’s alien friends to live together in peace. This is the sort of solution I think The Doctor would like to have more often. He achieved it in The Doctor’s Daughter, but at a terrible emotional price. Here, it was much easier for him.

And what of Jamie and Wyn? Keep reading!