Space Cruise To Peril was written BEFORE it was established that the ship in Voyage of the Damned. It takes place on a space cruise ship – obviously. MINE, didn’t go quite so far back for it’s name. Not the Titanic, but the SS Douglas Adams. Remember, all of my passenger ships are named after science fiction writers. So this one has a ballroom called the Heart of Gold, and Zaphod Beeblebrox is the code for a security breach.

The time storm served to split Wyn and The Doctor from Jamie and Stella, posing The Doctor with a huge problem – how to find the ship which could have been anywhere in billions of years of time, and Jamie with a problem of protecting not only Stella, but the other people on the ship.

The problem for The Doctor is merely mathematical. For Jamie it is harder. He has to negotiate with Sycorax.

It seems a long time back when I wrote this story, sitting on the balcony on one of the rare sunny days of summer, 2007, with the five inch action figure of the Sycorax leader as an aid to describing them. They made their mark originally in The Christmas Invasion, David Tennant’s first episode. They are one of the few actual Doctor Who baddies that I have used in my stories. I prefer to make up my own. But they are so uber-nasty that they need another outing. Besides, this allowed me to tie up a loose end. WHY didn’t the Sycorax invade in Nine’s universe? And the answer is because The Doctor blew up their ship five hundred years before and prevented them turning up in this reality. So there we go.

The TARDIS bringing Jamie back to life, along with everyone on the Douglas Adams, is quite plausible. It did it for Grace and Lee, and for Jack, through Rose. It isn’t something that should happen too often. The Doctor can’t resurrect on demand. But just this once it could.

A happy ending, but an imminent parting for the lovers. Until The Doctor suggests that Wyn could spend some time with Jamie in the 51st century. Of course she jumps at the chance. So The Doctor and Stella go off on their own and I have the opportunity for a Doctor-lite episode featuring Wyn and Jamie fighting evil together while The Doctor and Stella have their own adventure. It’s called double-banking in the TV world!