Paradise Lost brings The Doctor back to Forêt but in much less pleasant circumstances than ever before. The village has been devastated. The women are all hurt physically and mentally and the men and boys kidnapped by raiders.

The scene in the Hall of Devotions went through several drafts to try to hit the right balance between something bad having happened, and the PG nature of these stories. Originally it was much more obvious that the women had been raped as well as beaten, but it FELT too much. I think the final version of the story gives the impression that such violation went on, but without being specific about it.

Dominique’s trouble was not completely obvious to everyone who read the story. Older readers, especially women, realised that she was having a miscarriage or early onset labour. Others, including male readers, didn’t get it. The fact that she was being tended to by ‘The Women’ with the emphasis on the capital ‘W’ should have been a big clue, but some people missed it.

Originally she WAS going to lose the baby and she and The Doctor would grieve together. But I decided to make things a little less traumatic, simply because it occurred to me that he really couldn’t just go away again leaving her to cope with that. When he has succeeded in rescuing the menfolk from this week’s nastiness, he returns to find her holding her newborn child, only a few month premature for a Human child. Nothing like a happy ending! And much easier for him to leave, knowing he has something to come back to.

Leaving and partings, though, are a part of this story. Marcas, who had shared the adventures for three stories, now, was never meant to be a permanent fixture. He decided to live on Forêt and put his old life behind him. Miche, born on Forêt, decided to come with Susan (or Suzette as he calls her) and leave his paradise planet behind.