Eye of Orion sees The Doctor and Susan having a bit of peace and quiet. At least that was his hope. The planet features, of course, in The Five Doctors, where it appears to look a bit like a Welsh Valley with some intriguing  ruins, including a rather nice archway. That was the basis of the introduction to the story.

Of course, he was never going to GET a peaceful time. The strange time anomaly that they noticed almost straight away is the start of an adventure. Not one in which their lives were at risk, but still an adventure.

The idea of pushing the TARDIS under the arch manually was one that just intrigued me. It brings up the question of just how heavy the TARDIS is. It SHOULD be very heavy, but on many occasions it has been lifted onto trucks, trollies, pushed by small blue people etc. So it makes sense that it is possible to change the perceived weight by changing its gravity.

The discovery that a broken TARDIS and a dead are the reason for the anomaly IS meant to be a shock for The Doctor. He is resigned to the idea of being the Last Time Lord, but finding the body of one is another matter.

This is a Time Lord who was something of a hero to him as a young man because he was an explorer and traveler. But one who was scathing of him as a half-blood. There is a story in there for the Theta Sigma series, but I haven’t written it yet. That this man knew that The Doctor was the man who MIGHT just save Gallifrey touched him.

The dead TARDIS he drops into the nearest star to burn up. That is the quickest and easiest way of it. But the Time Lord must have a better end. So The Doctor sets a course he has not set before. In fact, the OTHER Doctor has set this course several times, to the stricken piece of space where Kasterborus USED to be, where the black hole is that Gallifrey and its system was drawn into. In the Unfinished Business/New Lords of Time stories there have been three visits to that place, and it was starting to lose impact as a special co-ordinate. But this is the first time TEN has been there, to bring the dead Time Lord home to join his ancestors.

Carilus Maxic Reidluum is the latest Time Lord name I’ve had to make up. All of them are fairly authentic, I think. Though since there is no real definitive style of Time Lord name. Unlike, for example, the Vulcans with names like t’pau, t’lar and so on, the only remit for Time Lord names is to sound vaguely exotic. So there you go.

The Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams is a VERY nice piece of music to have a picnic with. It also features in the early episodes of Marion and Kristoph as music that they more or less fall in love to.

Meissa IS a real star in the Orion constellation.

And if you Google the word Octillion you WILL find a website that tells you what it is, but I understand it even less than I understand a Repeated Meme or a Happy Prime, both of which are mathematical ideas that have been mentioned in Doctor Who.