Flydale 8000 BC is roughly when the last ice age ended in Yorkshire and troglodyte tribes began to migrate to the moors and setle in places like Flydale Cavern. It was a harsh, rough time. Life was cruel and short. A girl of Susan’s age would have had several babies by now and be practically middle aged by the short life span. The SMELL she complained of would be an everyday part of that short life. The vile food would be the difference between life and death.

Doctor Who has never been back to cavemen days since the very first story, and for good reason. It’s not a great period for setting a drama. But I found this one relatively easy to do. The cave people didn’t come into it all that much. It was more about the hate-hate relationship between Susan and Vicki and The Master and the faith that Vicki has that her father won’t let them down.

Except it ISN’T her father who is coming. Nine got thrown back by problems in the vortex and found himself at Harriet’s Flydale home, having tea and trying to hold himself together as the parent of any missing child would do. Ten is the one who is working out how to reach the two girls, using telepathy to talk to Vicki.

What Susan has to do in order to distract The Master is verging on the very edge of the PG, pre-watershed storyline. Of course, distracting the guard with sex is an old and trusted method and it HAS been employed in Doctor Who before. JACK did it with Algie in The Doctor Dances, and the ‘how’s it hanging’ comment passed for 7pm broadcast. Further back, in 1989, Ace put on a seductive show to one of the soldiers in Curse of Fenric. When The Doctor protested she pointed out that she was NOT a little girl. Susan didn’t go VERY much further in letting The Master kiss her. Desperate measures.

The PG envelope is pushed in the final fight when Susan hits The Master over the head and, unknown to her, kills him. This time, in fact, he seems to BE completely dead. When they visit the archeological site and find the body and the remains of the time machine, both Doctors are satisfied he is gone for good. Even so both Doctors regret the waste of a Gallifreyan life and wish they could have made an ally of him. And curiously, that same sentiment was repeated in 2007 in Last of The Time Lords.