It was about time we had a crossover story. So the Flydale Ghost begins with an emotional meeting for the Tenth Doctor with Nine and his daughter, Vicki, a brown eyed and very precocious nine year old. In the New Lords of Time stories, Vicki actually gets accidentally aged five years, so these events take place AFTER that incident. Apart from that there is no evidence of where this comes in the NLOT narrative. The Tenth Doctor has his own child now, of course, Dominic, back on ForÍt, but something about Vicki touches him. She is Rose’s daughter, of course, and the ‘what ifs’ pain him a little.

But he is soon too busy to worry about that as the two of them get embroiled in a mystery.

Harriet Jones’s mother, of course, has been mentioned a couple of times. She was the one Harriet worried about as she faced death in the destruction of Downing Street. Here, she is out of hospital and taking tea at the new Downing Street, not quite getting that her daughter is Prime Minister now. She talks to The Doctor about meeting both of them, and Susan and Vicki in 1946, and they KNOW they have a joint adventure on their hands.

1946 WAS, incidentally, one of the hardest winters of the 20th century and The Doctors are correct in saying that many deaths that year WERE as a result of the cold.

Nobody has ever specified, incidentally, where exactly Flydale North is. The spoof website, though, shows it as a rural place with some interesting potholes for cavers and a closed down coal mine. That, to me, says Yorkshire, and I put it somewhere near Leeds. Imagine the setting of Emmerdale or All Creatures Great and Small and you’re on the right track. Particularly, the latter, since the later stories are exactly in this time period.

The breakfast scene in the hotel is, actually, mostly irrelevant. There was no need for the two Doctors to have to prove anything to anyone. But I thought, for once, they ought to have something to show for their efforts. A Croix de Guerre from De Gaulle is pretty impressive and they both deserve one.

The massacre at the farm is pretty gruesome and sad, especially as two of the victims are war veterans. But we’re dealing with Vampyres. This is the third outing for what were the first monster I actually created. They first turned up in the Unfinished Business Vampyres of Tara when I was only writing one story a week, then in Theta Sigma they turned up in Vampyres. They may come back again. I haven’t decided. Possibly they could make trouble for the guys at Torchwood.

The actual fight with the Vampyres meant that the two Doctors had to work together very closely. And they did. One reason I like putting Nine and Ten together is I think the two personalities bounce off each other well.

The Doctor with a gun is a strange idea, of course. It isn’t completely unlikely. He HAS used weapons when there is no other choice. Nine was seen twice with a weapon in his tv run, though neither time did he actually fire. Ten, has NEVER been seen with a weapon. He is the ultimate unarmed man, and that is a major selling point of the TV series in a society where gun crime is on the up and it is more important than ever to show children heroes who don’t rely on guns.

But in this situation, they were necessary, and The Doctor had to do what a man has to do. The Vampyres are the exception to his own rule. He said so in the Theta Sigma story and this story offered him no alternative but to shoot straight and steady.

After the fight was won, though, The Doctors had a shock in store. Susan and Vicki both kidnapped by The Master and taken away to an unknown destination in his strange time machine. A nail-biting ending to the story.

Sadly the Flydale North Website from which I got the geography of the place seems to be offline now.