Peace on Earth was the last of the Christmas stories I wrote for 2006 Christmas. I had already written one for New Lords of Time which involved The Doctor. Rose, Christopher and Jackie playing Ghost of Christmas Past to the ‘scrooge’ of the Powell Estate, while ChrÝst§ and friends had to baby sit an alien egg containing a baby seraphim. Ten and friends end up babysitting, too. In their case, baby Ali, the alien, arrives on Christmas morning unexpectedly as they holiday in Austria, and what follows is basically an emotional roller coaster for them all as his presence and his rapid growth in the course of one day and night, is what the story is about. Jasmin is the one most attached to Ali, she being the one who named him, but they are ALL affected by his presence. The Doctor spends much of the night looking after him, showing him the snow and other wonders.

Having the child communicate by a form of semaphore with his eyes was one way in which I emphasised his alienness. The home made voice box made him sound like a Dalek, but there, again, he WAS an alien child.

The gathering in the Sillpark shopping centre was a matter of some Google research into the town of Innsbruck. All I knew about it previously was that it was the venue for the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics – back in my Bunty reading days when I read about such things all the time. But further research brought up the Wipptal valley with the town nestling by the Sill river, and several parks that I had originally intended for the alien ship to land in. But ‘parks’ also brought up the Sillpark, which had a very lovely fountain in front of it which suggested itself as a place for the emotional rendezvous.

A TARDIS key might seem like a strange parting gift, but there was a reason for it. I fully intended to have a follow up story at some point with Ali using the key to identify himself as a friend of The Doctor.

The presents The Doctor gives to his companions involved a bit of thought. Jasmin's gold Seal of Rassilon was easiest. Because I had already had in mind some kind of one off reunion with her. And that would become the means by which they would be reunited. A watch bearing the same symbol for Alec, a reminder of the Time Lord who changed his perspective of life. Nunc Est was the best inscription I could find having scoured Latin phrases for the most appropriate. The simplest, in the end, said it all.

Originally, Wyn and Alec were both getting watches, but it seemed a bit ordinary for Wyn, who was, after all, the daughter of Jo, a companion of companions. Then my daughter, Brandon suggested he gives her a K9. I thought of a smaller, K9 puppy simply because we could then use the TOY K9s in photographs. So an idea came together! 

The gift for him was a bit trickier. I thoguht, finally, of a sword, knowing it might come in very useful in later stories!