The idea of a people in a State of Grace – that is having no concept of sin – came from C.S. Lewis’s science fiction books, Cosmic Trilogy, in which the indigenous people of Mars were in such a state of grace until Humans turned up. With Lewis, of course, there is a religious overtone to all his work and this was meant to imply that human beings are the cosmic ‘serpent’ of the Garden of Eden. I wasn’t looking for anything quite so deep in this story, but the idea of a people who didn’t know about sin was intriguing.

The unique planet they come from was a separate source of inspiration. The golden people flying across the ocean in bubbles and the two great statues of voluptuous women coming out of the sea both came from an online art site called whiskeysierragraphics which just has some fantastic ideas. This may not be the last time it provides a setting for these stories.

The mechanism for forcing The Doctor and Wyn to give information owes a slight nod to the one used in The Space Museum back in the William Hartnell days, but this time it works a little different.

Lots of different ideas all put together, proving that there is nothing new in science fiction, only, I hope, new ways of telling the same story.